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Guests Feedbacks

 «  Food like home  »
Western Lunch Box

«  It's not easy to make all children happy for the taste, but please try your best. Thank you for your hard work to serve children.  »
Asian Lunch Box, Parent of child of children of Grade K to G5

«  We thank you for your good kitchen !! You have to continue !  »
Western Lunch Box

« We are very satisfied with the lunch sets prepared by Mr. LIGOUT. His cuisine is delicious and balanced, the lunch sets are diversified and abundant. Moreover, Mr. LIGOUT has created an original menu by promoting 1 country and its cuisine every Thursday. It’s a benefit for everyone : children, teenagers and adults of the school. More than 90% of the French students have applied for the lunch set, it’s a big success !»
Marc BOYER, Director of French school of Shenzhen