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Schools Partnerships

Level your catering services to an educational tool !
We are specialized in delivering tasteful and balanced lunch boxes, such as the ones needed in school environments. We believe cuisine and cooking are integral parts of education, participating to develop creativity and open mindedness. We see our catering services in schools as real partnerships. Chef Thomas Ligout, in another life, has been a teacher too!
We put in place special features to share our passion with students, teachers and parents :
               - As a window open to the world, we organize International Days with a lunch menu dedicated to one country. In addition to enjoying new delicacies, it cultivates tasting and curiosity ;
              - French Touch Kitchen constantly focus on quality and customer satisfaction. To ensure this, we lead different feedback campaigns throughout the year, to students and parents ;
             - To facilitate parents life, we pass the menu for the week to come onto them through email ;
              - Because we like to know better the families we are feeding, we welcome children and their parents at our Open Days at the kitchen ;
             - We enjoy being part of events coorganized with schools such as : cooking lessons for kids, parents day barbecue, visit of the Kitchen, teachers professional day buffet, etc...
We will be pleased to send you more information about what we can bring to your School, don't hesitate to ask us.