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The Chef

Born and raised in a french cuisine environment, Thomas Ligout learned from his mother and grand mother the basics of the traditional french gastronomy. His passion about food got him started as a caterer for weddings and private events.
After many travels in all the different continent, Thomas Ligout came to China and was amazed by the Chinese food culture. He got a rich experience in Beijing in Mediterranean restaurant and luxury Clubhouse as a Chef, and has now settle down in Shenzhen to open his own catering business services.
He has always been strongly committed to promote French Gastronomy wherever he travelled. His cuisine is unique and reflects all the countries he visited, combined with the French technics and "savoir-faire" he learnt through his years of experience.

French Touch Kitchen opened in June 2014, in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. The kitchen was designed according to Thomas Ligout way of thinking: the place is an open-space kitchen, original and friendly like his owner.You are more than welcome to visit us anytime!