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« We are very satisfied with the lunch sets prepared by Mr. LIGOUT. His cuisine is delicious and balanced, the lunch sets are diversified and abundant. Moreover, Mr. LIGOUT has created an original menu by promoting 1 country and its cuisine every Thursday. It’s a benefit for everyone : children, teenagers and adults of the school. More than 90% of the French students have applied for the lunch set, it’s a big success !»
Marc BOYER, Director of French school of Shenzhen
« My kids are very satisfied with the lunch sets, which are always warm. They especially love the starters and deserts! As parents, we really appreciated that our children are able to enjoy diversified and balanced meals every day. Thank you Mr. LIGOUT»
Mr. SHWIRLEY, Student's parent
« Lunches at the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen are amazing. Thanks to the talent of our French Chef Thomas Ligout. Each day students are surprised at how delicious the lunches are. Thomas offers a well balanced, nutritious and healthy lunch for both students and teachers. Thanks Thomas, and sure hope you plan to offer cooking classes in the future. »
Karen Berrouard, ISNS Director of Admissions